Rafting on river Struma

If you’re going to Sandanski, Melnik, Rupite or Greece (or are returning) vary your way with rafting on river Struma in Kresnenskoto gorge. Rafting on river Struma is an unique chance to experience strong emotions in the fight against the water,to get a powerful charge of adrenaline and to enjoy beautiful sights. The descent is suitable for people without previous experience to overcome the obstacles of 3-4 category ,which, although it does not exclude the possibility of extreme situations, making the participants to feel the adrenaline.

Days and hours: Every day at 10 am and 2 pm

Meeting point: GPS coordinates: 41.847986,23.141863, next to the metan station, a few km after Simitli Town.

Price per person: 60 BGN

Price Includes:

Complete equipment
neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, helmet, jacket and life jacket.
Before each trip safety briefing is made
Safety rafting instructor
Transport on the river track
Changing rooms
Convenient parking lot

Price excludes: Transport to the starting point Photographer, who takes pictures on the most interesting rapids Food and beverages

Needed things for the rafting trip: swimming suit and a towel.

For more information and booking: +359 878 889 092

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